Mende: Big money, sponsorship and skirmishes enlivened the city council

The elected representatives met on Tuesday 22 February. The atmosphere between the majority and the opposition was tense at times.

1. A patron of the White Penitents

The municipal council unanimously approved a sponsorship agreement for the rehabilitation of the chapel of the White Penitents on the Place au Blé. Crédit Agricole du Languedoc, with the help of its Pays de France Foundation, will provide €10,000 for the full renovation of the building, initiated by the city. The work should be completed in September.

2. €680,000 in aid from the Ministry

Over four years, between 2022 and 2025, the commune has planned investments of €8.25 million: the development of Place Charles-de-Gaulle for €850,000; the restructuring of the Michel-Del Castillo school for €650,000; the rehabilitation of the Saint-Privat hermitage for €730,000…

Elected officials approved a third version of the ministry’s area contracts, which provides for around €680,000 in aid. The Mayor of Mende asks us to approve investment projects over four years, The speaker was Karim Abed, elected from the opposition, who abstained from voting with his three colleagues from Mende Avenirs. First sighting : We have no certainty about the outcome of these projects. Second, there is complete blurring at a number of points. There are only title announcements. Third, the investment decisions that you present to us are primarily political decisions. You will understand that it is not a question for us to write you a blank check.

The mayor Laurent Suau replied: You will not be asked to validate the projects. You will be asked to confirm the principle of a contract signed with the District Council. And when transactions fail, we send the money elsewhere.

3. increase in allowances

With four votes against and three abstentions, the elected officials replaced the December 7 deliberation with a new deliberation on increasing the allowances of the mayor, MPs and delegated councillors. A summary table of all the allowances allocated to the members of the municipal council was not inserted.

For the mayor, after the increase, the rate rises to 72.28%; for the first assistant 28.69%; 20.25% for other auxiliary staff; at 18.33% for delegated advisors. Debates heated up again while Mende’s elected officials filed avenirs an application for a determination of legality by the administrative court“.

The opposition adviser For her part, Emmanuelle Soulier felt that this was the case too many deputies and delegated advisors with inflated allowances.

4. budget guidelines

The report on the budgetary guidelines has been presented. City Hall announces a new reduction in the property tax rate for developed properties. This has fallen by 10.32% in four years and will fall from 30.96% in 2021 to 29.97% in 2022. This does not prevent an increase in the base. A further reduction in debt is also being sought.

The majority praises the good governance of the city, which appears on the podium of the best-run municipalities“. The Opposition Council Philippe Pouget, on the other hand, calls for modesty: There is nothing to boast about. With extraordinary recipes that were made around the 10th Millions of euros would enable even the most mediocre mayor to get his city out of debt.”

Opposition denounces “censorship”.

The municipal opposition voted against approving the minutes of the December 7 and January 25 meetings.

The reason ? The elected representatives of the minority announce “Censorship”. “It has been more than a year since our interventions were transcribed by you”, says Emmanuelle Soulier. Karim Abed even does the bookkeeping: “Regarding the December 7th meeting, you canceled eleven requests to speak by the elected representatives of Mende Futures; six requests to speak on January 25th.”

And he warns Mayor Laurent Suau: “We’re hitting rock bottom. Sooner or later it will turn against you. It’s only a matter of time.”

A rework for the video tranquilizer

The Place au Blé camera.

On the sidelines of the municipal council, Sonia Jassin, Head of the Shared IT Service, presented the developments of the Mendois video rest system. This was launched in 2011. Only 16 cameras were declared in the prefecture, 15 of which were functional.

“We have consulted law enforcement reveals the director. The agreed goals are more efficient city entrances. We wanted to improve the quality of the images and set up a license plate recognition. The aim is to make the work of the police and gendarmerie easier.

46 new cameras

A first extension phase was therefore started at the end of December. It ends in March. 17 new cameras are installed. “The number may seem high, admits Sonia Yassin. But in some places there may be multiple cameras of different types.” A phase 2 will begin in the step. It is the only museum in Gévaudan. 29 cameras are sent there.

One of the peculiarities of Mendo is that this system does not have an Urban Supervision Center (CSU). This means that nobody is looking at these images in real time, says the director. They will only be viewed by court order (46 in 2021, ed.). The recordings are kept in a secure room at City Hall. They are only kept for ten days before being automatically deleted.

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