METABOLIC EXPLORER – METEX NØØVISTAGO launches the commercialization of the INNEUS® range for animal health and wellbeing – 19.04.2022 – 18:00

METEX NØØVISTAGO starts marketing the INNEUS range® for animal health and welfare.

Clermont-Ferrand, April 19, 2022 – Metabolism Explorer (FR0004177046) METEX, a leader in industrial fermentation that enables the production of ingredients of natural origin intended for the animal nutrition, cosmetics and biopolymer markets, today announces the launch and commercialization of INNEUS®, a new line of products based on functional ingredients for animal nutrition. This range of products is developed by METEX NØØVISTAGO, the industrial and commercial subsidiary of the group based in Amiens.

Pursuing its desire to offer innovative solutions to meet the challenges of sustainability in the livestock and animal sector, METEX NØØVISTAGO has developed a unique combination of natural ingredients that have been specially selected and scientifically tested for their functional and synergistic role in animal metabolism . INNEUS® is an innovative range of solutions for pigs and poultry aimed at strengthening the integrity of their intestinal barrier, boosting their immune system, reducing their oxidative stress and contributing to the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora. INNEUS® plays a key role in the proper functioning of the digestive and immune systems of animals and contributes to their better health and well-being.

“My teams and I are very excited to launch the INNEUS® range with two first products for the pig and poultry segments, the result of several years of development: more than 30 ingredients tested, more than 20 trials in research centers and partner farms and a new approach to gut health already validated by a dozen scientific publications. With INNEUS®the METEX Group offers its customers its range of innovative and high-quality nutritional and functional solutions that have an effective and lasting effect on the health and well-being of animals. » explains Etienne CORRENT, Business and Innovation Director of METEX NØØVISTAGO.

Benjamin GONZALEZ, Founder and CEO of METEX adds: “The start of INNEUS® fits perfectly into the model transformation strategy that METEX is pursuing following the acquisition of Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe; namely to maintain the competitiveness of the site and to support the production and marketing of new specialty ingredients such as efficient nutritional solutions for animal husbandry. Today, METEX’s innovation is based both on the group’s ability to develop new high-performance technologies through its R&D platform ALTANØØV® and also on the scientific and technical business expertise of its subsidiaries that offer differentiating products that meet the expectations of their customers. »

With almost fifty years of know-how, METEX NØØVISTAGO is the European leader and pioneer in the production and marketing of fermentation amino acids and their combinations tailored to its customers who produce animal feed. The amino acids produced by fermentation enable the animals’ nutritional needs to be met exactly, which drastically reduces the nitrogenous inputs into the environment and the use of soy in feed, while at the same time improving the performance of animal husbandry. The amino acids produced by the Amiens facility benefit from a very low carbon footprint and enable a significant advance in livestock decarbonization strategies.


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About METabolic Explorer –

Contribute to the necessary ecological shift by innovating to re-manufacture and commercialize low-carbon functional ingredients used in the manufacture of consumer products.

Using renewable raw materials, the company develops and industrializes innovative and competitive industrial fermentation processes as alternatives to petrochemical processes to meet new societal consumer expectations and the challenges of the energy transition. Its functional ingredients of natural origin are used in the formulation of cosmetics, animal nutrition and health products or as intermediates in the synthesis of biomaterials.

The METEX NØØVISTA production unit based in Carling an der Mosel enables the METEX Group to market 1,3-propanediol (PDO) and butyric acid (AB).

The acquisition of Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe, renamed METEX NØØVISTAGO, 1ah The European site for the production of amino acids for animal nutrition enables the METEX Group to achieve its goal of becoming one of the world’s leading suppliers of fermentation-derived functional ingredients.

METabolic EXPlorer, based at Biopôle Clermont Limagne near Clermont-Ferrand, is listed on Euronext in Paris (Compartment B, METEX) and is included in the CAC Small Index.

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