Metaverse: Fat Contracts win the duel against Smart Contracts

Many of us haven’t mastered it yet smart contracts at your fingertips here that fat contracts get out. And they are said to be better suited to the metaverse than their older smart contracts.

A few basics

the smart contracts refer to applications deployed on the blockchain and run by miners. These are distinguished from other web applications of our time by the irreversibility of their execution. In other words, the historical data of the smart contract is stored and confirmed on the blockchain, making the results of the execution immutable. Therefore, it is best suited for NFTs.

For their part, the fat contracts behave like normal Internet applications. you are strong their decentralized nature, which does not require the presence of trusted third parties. In addition, they enable better support for real-time intensive computing tasks and promote access to multiple types of services even if they do not run on a blockchain.

the smart contracts have unresolved boundaries

One of the problems of smart contracts east its inability to support the complex computations required by the Metaverse. In particular, it requires game and rendering server logic that goes beyond the limitations of this type of contract, suitable for managing account balances and NFT ownership.

the smart contracts fight to guarantee the execution results proposed by the miner. In case of manipulation, which is common among malicious miners, they cannot intervene effectively.

However, the ideal is to be able to verify the input data and the execution results of any minor, committed to the principle of “publish and verify”.

There are also a number of blockchains that exhibit poor performance and lack of privacy. And if the calculations fall back to the chain’s miners, it can further limit the functionality of the contracts.

Time-consuming tasks will take longer to deploy, block performers (or miners) and throttle the entire chain. In an emergency, delivery problems occur despite optimization efforts.

the fat contractsa perfect match

the fat contracts have the benefit of low latency, high performance, confidentiality and also the freedom to reuse existing services.

Its ability to perform computationally intensive tasks relies on offloading their execution to safe workers. from chainwhich are supported by a trusted execution environment (TEE) or Trusted Execution Environment. Basically a Fat contract can fully utilize the computing power of a single worker, such as a 4-core CPU or a large number of workers.

To give you an idea of ​​his abilities, let’s take this illustration. Running an unmodified version of the open-source Blender render engine in a Phala worker node required assigning the task to multiple workers. This enabled the production of a GIF for an NFT.

Note that the fat contracts can also work with Python machine learning libraries (numpy, PyTorch, scipy, etc.) to train Deep Neural Networks (DNN) or Deep Neural Networks and promote confidentiality of training data and models.

application of Fat contract on Phala World

In general, the reaction time for interactions in metaverses and games should not exceed one second. One thing that cannot be promised smart contracts Classics, knowing full well that running them in block intervals does not allow real-time calculation with low latency.

Phala Network, the manifestation of Fat Contracts success

However, giving employees direct access makes it easier to get millisecond-level read responses fat contracts. This makes them a perfect alternative for providing the Metaverse and gaming services.

To better illustrate, consider the case of Phala World, a metaverse built on the Phala Network blockchain. the Fat contract was a great help in solving the problems of:

– Camp ;

– high-speed processing of massive data;

– Connection of AR solutions;

– distributed storage;

– providing low-latency responses to user requests;

– Implementation of the vision of the Web Metaverse 3.0

For Phala, Web 3.0 should be an open and free world, and there is no question of closing oneself off from all existing Web 2.0 infrastructures. Thanks to fat contractsAccess to Internet Services from chain accessible by securely delegating complicated asynchronous requests.

Phala witnessed the conducting of a hackathon where the presentation of a demo robot of the BTC price action took place. This robot allows sending an http request of the prices, their signaling to a Telegram account via the appropriate http API. All of these operations benefited from the support of the 100 LoCs of the Fat contract.

A deepening of the term fat contracts imposes itself. stay tuned !

Source: Hackernoon

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