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Presented as the future of the internet, the Metaverse has already made a name for itself around the world.

Brilliantly showcased by Facebook (now Meta) and its legendary CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, this new, fully virtual universe is now at the heart of the company’s strategy.

Finance, art, e-commerce, education… they will occupy an important place in our existence. Métaverse Mate, a WEB 3.0 expert agency, understood this and decided to be a gateway to integrate into this revolution.

The structure offers companies the creation of a metaverse universe and many other inherent services.

What is the metaverse?

Many consider the Metaverse to be a video game. However, this universe goes far beyond “gaming”. In order to facilitate the understanding of the metaverse, it is necessary to explain the concept of Web 2.0 and that of Web 3.0 in advance.

web 2.0

Surely you know the World Wide Web, the famous WWW. This public hypertext system has long allowed web pages to be accessed through a browser. This is still the case today. What a connection to Web 2.0 you would say. You know that Web 2.0 is only one stage in the development of the WWW.

With Web 2.0, website owners and others are no longer the only ones who can post content. Internet users can also offer content that is accessible to all. Thanks to the emergence of this concept, the web has become a real platform with an excellent user experience and the highlighting of collective intelligence. Over time, it has made the Internet a network where user participation has become essential.

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Snapchat are, so to speak, the symbol of this Web 2.0. But like the WWW, the latter will also undergo an evolution: Web 3.0, symbolized by… the metaverse.

Web 3.0: The Metaverse

As I’m sure you understand, the metaverse (also spelled “metaverse”) is the new level of social experience that the web has become. The term is very difficult to define today; each expert has his or her opinion on the question. However, a definitive approach seems obvious and perfectly suited to the idea.

The Metaverse is a virtual and augmented 3D universe where users, in the form of avatars (or holograms), evolve and interact in real-time. The space within the metaverse is similar to that of the real world. You can play, buy, attend events, learn and even collaborate just like in real life.

So you understand that this is a real revolution. Some have even called it a parallel world. The experts prefer to speak of “extension to the real world”.

The metaverse thus hosts (like social networks) a community of users represented by holographic characters. The virtual space develops and develops according to the decisions of the people connected and their interactions. It is an endless universe like the real physical world.

Metaverse: How does it work?

You’re probably wondering how the Metaverse works. Keep in mind that this is hardly an ordinary game or app to download from the Google Store. The Metaverse is a well-developed environment that uses blockchain technology to ensure better security of data and exchanges.

To access this 3D universe you must register on one of the platforms that allow access. They are indeed numerous. The best known is certainly Méta (Facebook). There’s also Rec Room, Decentraland, Horizon Worlds, but also Microsoft.

The right equipment must also be available. To enter the metaverse you will need a computer or smartphone, a virtual reality headset and many other items.

Also note that nothing is ready for the metaverse. There are still many challenges to overcome to make this revolution inevitable. Including the increase in global computing power and connectivity, energy consumption, interoperability, etc.

Why is the Metaverse THE next digital revolution?

The Metaverse will make many things possible, both for individuals and for companies. Many experts therefore consider it to be the next revolution of our time.

Thanks to the metaverse we can:

  • Be more productive: Businesses will be able to create their own environment to hold meetings and complete tasks faster than in real life. Agencies like Metaverse Mate help companies do this. Individuals will also be able to create a personalized and conducive space to increase their productivity;
  • Entertainingly Different: The Metaverse takes entertainment to another level. Instead of attending an event remotely, you will be integrated into it. In video games, the player no longer simply controls a character; he immerses himself and finds himself in the middle of the action;
  • Learning in original ways: The Internet has made distance learning possible. The Metaverse makes learning more visual, realistic, and interactive than ever before. Learners will be able to touch certain realities that are difficult or even impossible to access (discovery of constellations and celestial bodies, observation of the construction of Burj Al Arab from A to Z, etc.);
  • Etc.

How can Metaverse Mate help you?

Metaverse Mate is an expert agency for Web 3.0, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It supports companies to start their Metaverse project. For example, the agency negotiates plots of land in a metaverse for companies that want to create their own work environment.

She also trains and advises on how to understand and use this revolution. But also those of the blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, which will also play a major role in the Metaverse

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