Michael Saylor says Bitcoin (BTC) will regain value

Bitcoin (BTC) investors are all sweaty and fear for the future due to the current market situation. In fact, cryptocurrencies are losing value and BTC is no exception to this “curse”. But in this climate of fear, some market participants want to be positive. For example, Michael Saylor stated that the value of BTC will increase greatly.

MicroStrategy holds patient

This is a bold prediction! While bitcoin struggles to maintain the $ 30,000 mark, Michael Saylor wrote that he would continue to have faith in this digital asset. According to him, now is the time to buy BTC and create a reservation. This is exactly what he will continue to do: buy and maintain the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

Led by Mr. Saylor, the company MicroStrategy has accumulated one of the largest BTC reserves in the world. She has 129,218 BTC in their laps according to the latest published statistics. Only, its huge position in BTC is currently slightly in the red, with an unrealized loss of approximately $ 70 million at the time of writing.

However, even in this situation, which is proving especially difficult, Mr. Saylor believes it is necessary continue to invest in the field. He assured that there is no target price at which MicroStrategy will start liquidating its holdings in BTC. Although the fall in the market has evaporated trillions of dollars in value, the maximum maximalist BTC and his company remain patient.

“There is no target price. I think we will buy bitcoins at the local summit forever. And I hope bitcoin reaches millions. So we are very patient. We believe this is the future of money.” stated the CEO during an interview.

Bitcoin (BTC) is superior to everything else

Bitcoin (BTC) investor confidence has begun to plummet in recent months. However, this broken relationship between BTC and the people has strengthened in recent weeks due to the destructive spiral in which Terra and UST are involved. But the good news is: according to Saylor, this event will increase efforts to regulate stable currencies and safety data sheets.

The executive of the Nasdaq-listed software company also believes that this fall and the consequent regulation will, in fact, be “good for the industry”. Eventually, when the dust settles, people will notice that the BTC is superior to thousands of existing cryptocurrenciesargued the promoter.

“Once people understand why bitcoin is superior to everything else, then institutions will come in with big money and we won’t have to struggle to explain en masse why we are different from the other 19,000 cryptocurrencies.”

The leader of MicroStrategy does not intend to change his position regarding bitcoin (BTC), although the king of cryptocurrencies is currently going through a difficult period. The decline in its value and the fact that investors are moving away from it do not dampen Michael Saylor’s desire to continue trusting the king.

Source: CryptoPotato

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