Mighty Coconut and Cyan create Walkabout Mini Golf: Myst in VR

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Cyan has teamed up with Mighty Coconut to create a virtual reality course on Myst Island called Walkabout Mini Golf: Myst.

Austin, Texas-based Mighty Coconut is developing the new 36-hole VR course as an extension of their existing Walkabout Mini Golf VR title. The Myst course will debut in Q4 2022. Walkabout Mini Golf: Myst will be a downloadable content (DLC) course for the popular VR game.

The course will be available on Meta Quest, Steam and upcoming VR platforms and will feature immersive gameplay with realistic physics, iconic settings, items and the spirit of puzzles from the Myst saga.

Lucas Martell, executive producer and director of Mighty Coconut, said in an interview with GamesBeat that his team consulted with Cyan on development to get Myst Island looking right.


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“We’re capable of doing much bigger things than you could do in a real class,” Martell said.

It helps that Cyan has already turned Myst into a 3D adventure in VR. Myst VR debuted on the Oculus Quest 2 headset in December 2020. But Martell said his team needed to redesign the island in the Walkabout Mini Golf art style. So they’re more likely to use Myst’s artwork as inspiration for their own title.

The original Myst is a graphical adventure-puzzle video game originally released for the Macintosh PC platform in 1993 and is now approaching its 30th anniversary.

“All of us at Mighty Coconut grew up playing Myst, and some of us have rediscovered it in the last two years,” Martell said. “It seems a bit sacrilegious to place miniature golf on Myst Island. But at the same time, when we’re thinking about where to hang out and play mini-golf together, Myst Island seems like the perfect thing.

Five people can currently play together in a multiplayer room. When designing Myst Multiplayer, Cyan and Mighty Coconut can work together.

“We’re going to have to adjust a few things, but in general we’re trying to stay as true as possible,” Martell said. “It’s a love letter.”

Martell said one thing Myst enables is adding more puzzle solving to the miniature golf experience than other licenses. This will come into play when looking for loose balls.

A miniature golf ball with Myst images.

Hannah Gamiel, head of development at Cyan in Mead, Washington, said in an interview that the Cyan team was a fan of the walkabout mini-golf game even before negotiations began. Meta introduced Cyan and Mighty Coconut.

“We were really excited to hear Mighty Coconut,” Gamiel said. “We had meetings at the Walkabout Mini Golf which is very exciting.”

And the two founders (Rand and Robyn Miller) played the VR game.

“It’s also kind of perfect. Because people want to hang out on Myst Island,” she said. “They want to spend time with their friends and family. And people have been doing that over the years anyway, just playing the game, it seems like a perfect companion to it anyway. Anyway, I’m very excited.

Mighty Coconut is the entertainment studio behind the premier multiplayer game Meta Quest: Walkabout Mini Golf, which in March announced a partnership with The Jim Henson Company to develop Walkabout Mini Golf: Labyrinth.

The base game of Walkabout Mini Golf has eight courses of 36 holes each (18 in easy mode and 18 in hard mode). Mighty Coconut will then release individual add-on courses as downloadable content (DLC) – three have been released so far, with more in the pipeline.

Martell said the Myst course will be lively, challenging, puzzle-filled and beautiful for players where they can escape, explore and play alone or meet up with up to four other players for 18 holes Easy mode and 18 holes Hard mode can iconic mysterious objects, locations and puzzles.

You can also find 18 lost balls, join a fox hunting expedition, and recover a commemorative virtual putter. The Walkabout Mini Golf title has hundreds of thousands of players in over 40 countries.

Mighty Coconut was created in 2014 by Martell, who directed the animated short The Oceanmaker. Myst was the best-selling game of the 20th century. Don Carson, the lead art director of Mighty Coconut, is a former Disney Imagineer.

“So all the courses have a little bit of that theme park idea in terms of design,” Martell said. “It just so happens to be a theme park built around a miniature golf course.

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