Mythical heroes haunt our maps forever

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If maps are used to locate places, we often forget that they are also powerful archives of our ancestral beliefs, since the names of many cities, especially those of most rivers, islands, continents, or oceans, are a legacy of our ancestors. Ancient fairy tales.For example, when we unknowingly read the names of Europe, Asia and Libya, we mean ancient greek and roman god or heroSo every part of the world is inhabited by these legends, built by different peoples in ancient times, and now forever inscribed on our world map.

God on Earth and in Heaven

But why does this require names of heroes or gods to name certain places? We must not forget that for our ancient ancestors, nature was full of strange and inexplicable phenomena. No wonder in this case the name of Superman is assigned to a specific region, first to the Vault of Heaven!

Because the sky must be the first place we find many mythology figure Greek or Roman. The name of the earth is derived from it. Therefore, Terra is a Roman goddess.Its union with Uranus, the god of the sky, produced all kinds of wonderful creatures, including Saturn, the god of the sky corn and fertility.all planets solar system Hence it refers to God. many constellations Also named to be associated with mythological elements, the patterns of stars remind our ancestors of certain legendary creatures.For example, the constellation of the Eagle thus refers tobird The symbol of Zeus, the symbol of Capricornus, the goat gave him milk when he was a baby.

Respect heroes and protect gods

But back to Earth. Obviously, some places are named in direct honor of gods or heroes, such as the Aegean Sea, which was named after a famous king of Athens. Minotaur. In the case of the city of Rome, it refers to its founding hero: Romulus. Attachment to the heroic characters of certain places or cities only increases their importance and prestige.

Great natural sights, some of which are terrifying, such as mighty rivers or volcano, of course inheriting the mythical name.especially this case Mount EtnaFamily Nymph Atenos.

For other places, however, the origin of the myth seems less certain, and it seems that legends that inhabit certain place names arose in a secondary way, either explaining a name in a strange voice or placing the place under the protection of the gods . This is the case with Delphi, which means Dolphin. There is nothing sacred about the city’s name, which was placed under Apollo’s control, referring to the animal he incarnated in the presence of Cretan sailors.

a tradition that still exists

Giving certain places mythical names is a tradition, however, that tradition did not stop in ancient times. Even today, the names of Greek or Roman heroes and gods continue to be attributed. Artemis space program is a good example.A new chapter of exploration moon by humans, this NASA program Door The name of the daughter of Zeus and the twin sister of Apollo. Goddess of the wilderness, she is also related to the moon. Here again, the references to mythical deities convey many ideas and values. The choice of female characters was also no easy task, as Project Artemis planned to send a woman to the moon for the first time.

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