Napster will live again with Algorand, Enjin & Polkadot, Disruptor Blockchain, Metaverse Games

Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2008, crypto has presented an endless amount of white space with imaginable and unimaginable market opportunities, often with mobile at the center of art in gaming. S2122

Finally, simplify the use

Enjin offers an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that allows users to create and use non-fungible tokens. Enjin is home to over 250,000 gaming communities and the creator of Enjin Coin. ENJ aims to create a complete ecosystem for gaming businesses, from publishers to independents, that will enable them to create new revenue streams and new experiences for their players. Enjin’s Unity SDK opens the door to a new way of interacting with the blockchain, the EnjinX API allows for quick retrieval of critical transaction and item data, the Enjin Wallet hosts all of the player’s hard-earned items where they are kept safe.

In addition, this wallet is excellent, a simple and elegant UX/UI that controls a very powerful and very complete crypto wallet. It is not only safe but also very stable. The Enjin team continues to introduce new features and bug fixes regularly. The QR scanning function is smooth and the redemption function works very well too. True ownership of game items throughout the multiverse.

Enjin’s platform was built for Ethereum, but their new Efinity blockchain has just launched on Polkadot. This is a next-generation blockchain that will allow for even easier onboarding for mainstream users. They don’t even need to own a wallet to get NFTs, which lowers their barrier to entry. Here’s a simple use case: companies like Microsoft (Azure) use the platform to give recognition badges and certifications to the open source developer community to attend events, mentor, build code, and it proves and verifies that they are a true member of the Azure community. The entire blockchain can be integrated into an online world map showing which countries/users have which badges.

Another gaming example: A player can have an NFT pet that levels up and progresses with them in the game. They can own, craft, or upgrade weapons and items, equip them on their character, and then trade items with other players within the game world.

FYI, Witek Radomski is the co-founder and CTO of Enjin, which wrote the code for one of the very first NFTs in 2017, and author of ERC-1155, an advanced Ethereum token standard that allows developers to combine fungible and non-fungible assets in a single smart contract.


From Bitcoin payment apps to Ethereum smart contracts, each blockchain protocol has its own use cases. What many lack is interoperability. Polkadot breaks down the silos that once kept blockchains isolated from one another and gives them new ways to communicate with each other. This is a crucial feature that will expand the long-term impact that blockchains can have.

NFTs bring old platforms back to life

News of Napster joining the Web3 and NFT space in the music business follows a similar announcement by LimeWire. Those who knew the beginnings of the Internet (2000) certainly took advantage of Napster, which until its closure fought the system of the majors by offering its 80 million users the possibility to download music for free. According to a report by The Verge, peer-to-peer music sharing company Napster was acquired with the intention of turning the company into an NFT music brand. Napster was bought by crypto investment firm Hivemind and Algorand, the decentralized blockchain operator and company behind the Algorand token. The Alogrand blockchain is used to launch Napster. I regret not taking screenshots then and converting them to NFT 20 years later πŸ™‚


Crypto status of a16z

This report is the first from the fund investing in crypto for 10 years. He will provide an annual look at trends in the crypto industry from the a16z crypto perspective of tracking data and the countless entrepreneurs and builders he meets. It is intended for anyone interested in understanding the evolution of the Internet and where we are on the journey to a decentralized, community owned and operated alternative to centralized Web2 technology platforms, particularly when it comes to developers and other developers .


Crypto affects the real world

Think of the financial system. The status quo has disappointed many people: According to the World Bank, more than 1.7 billion people do not have a bank account. Demand for decentralized finance, or DeFi, and digital dollars has increased significantly in recent years, even after accounting for the recent downturn. For underserved, unbanked populations, 1 billion of whom own cellphones, crypto offers an opportunity for financial inclusion. Projects like Goldfinch are expanding access to capital that would otherwise not be available in emerging markets.

Shopify accelerates crypto payments

Shopify has partnered with to allow merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments from customers through Pay. is waiving the processing fee (0.5% per transaction) for one month for Shopify merchants who integrate Pay into their payment for a limited time. The recent crypto routine, with the market losing 40% of its value in mid-May 2022, is likely to impact crypto payment adoption in the short-term. But buying in from big companies like Shopify should support long-term growth.

The number of crypto payment users in the United States will reach 3.6 million in 2022, accounting for just 10.7% of crypto owners in the United States.


$600M fund focused on Metaverse games

The Andreessen Horowitz Fund (a16z) has announced the creation of Games Fund One, which will invest $600 million across the industry. Games will continue to play a central role in how people connect, play and work, and the fund will invest in game studios, gaming and consumer experiences and infrastructure, a16z said.

Decentralized, Gala, STEPN up 35%

Early May was brutal for the cryptocurrency market as hundreds of billions of dollars in value were wiped off the map when Terra’s LUNA and UST crashed – seemingly taking much of the market with them.


Crypto vocabulary is vast, here is the phrase β€œapeing in” that describes someone impulsively buying a new cryptocurrency or NFT for fear of missing out. When someone comes by, they usually haven’t researched the project before buying it, and often buy the asset shortly after the project starts. The term derives from a meme from the movie Planet of the Apes: The Rise of the Planet.

Artists on

NFT platform for photographers, here a series about Venice by photographer Ronny Behnert.

The Web3 Twitter on Polygon

web3 company Aave has released a social media platform similar to Twitter that uses the Polygon blockchain. The new project, called Lens Protocol, uses NFTs for a unique Web3 social experience. Users can create their own profiles as NFTs, monetize their content, and more. Of course, it’s too early to tell if Aave’s NFT-powered social platform will outperform Twitter, including Lens Protocol, which also has competitors in the Web3 space. One of the applications powered by the protocol is a mobile app, Phaver, for iOS and Android.

May on OpenSea

$476,139,461: May 1st was the highest trading volume day in OpenSea history.
3.1 million: the number of transactions on OpenSea in the last 30 days

NFT NYC: June 21-23

Since 2018, it has been the platform that gives voice to the growing NFT community. To date, 1,149 speakers have been admitted to the event.



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