NASA halts tests of its SLS-Orion rocket under extreme circumstances

The NASA team decided to abort the test due to tank pressurization issues.

As NASA counts down to training on April 3, His team decided to cancel the first attempt to fill the rocket Space Launch System. reason? There is a problem with the mobile launcher of the rocket.

NASA halted tests of its SLS-Orion rocket in extreme circumstances – Credit: NASA

More specifically, it is Lack of launch tank pressurization This prevented technicians from filling the thrusters with gas. At least not putting yourself in danger, which is why the process stops immediately.

“Wet Rehearsal”

This “wet rehearsal” allowed the team to perform operations to test the pre-launch phase ahead of NASA’s Artemis I flight test. The team’s goal is to run the countdown as much as possible without starting the engine.

We’ve been waiting for this test since mid-March, when NASA deployed the Orion moon spacecraft on its giant rocket launcher.

At this last examthe team loads the propellant, performs a full launch countdown, checks the ability to recover the countdown clock, and empties the tank.

last part This test should count down from T-10 minutes to T-90 seconds. The team should then wait three minutes to check the vehicle’s ability to withstand filling pressure.

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2nd try today, probably

Following this incident, the team met to determine next steps and develop a new action plan.The next chance to fill up the tank is Today, Monday, April 4th.

obviously, This technical issue will not jeopardize the Artemis project, so a second attempt may be made after 24 hours. Moreover, the managers of the Artemis project do not seem to consider the problems encountered to be significant. ” I’m sure we’ll be done with wet clothes in fairly short order.we just need to solve these problems “.

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