NASA selects 5 companies for Artemis project

NASA ultimately chose five companies that would have to help the agency develop the concept for the Artemis lunar lander. So NASA wants to ensure a regular cadence for manned moon landings.

NASA’s goal with the Artemis program is simple: return to the moon and provide transportation services for personnel and equipment This, and in a regular, profitable and safe way.The selected company will have to complete a large number of tasks vital and essential to ensure the proper functioning of such businesses.

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As such, these partners will be responsible for personnel safety, crew health and healthcare capabilities. Candidates must also minimize risks associated with lunar landers. Therefore, they will have to test key components to facilitate the maturation of key technologies.

Below is the list of selected companies and the budgets allocated to them:

  • SpaceX : $9.4 million.
  • blue origin : $25.6 million.
  • dynamics : $40.8 million.
  • lockheed martin : $35.2 million.
  • Northrop Grumman : $34.8 million.

“Working with our partners is critical to achieving NASA’s long-term Artemis lunar exploration goals”

To NASA Deputy Administrator Kathy Lueders, This association is crucial“This critical step lays the groundwork for U.S. leadership to learn more about the Moon and learn how to live and work in deep space to prepare for future missions,” she said. deep into the solar system. »

In fact, NASA hopes to use the lessons learned from the Artemis project to go further. In the viewfinder, our arid cousin Mars, the next phase of human spaceflight exploration. Therefore, in addition to personnel, the Artemis mission will be used to deliver new scientific instruments to long-standing goal. NASA also said it hopes to accomplish new things with this mission: For the first time in history, a woman and a person of color have been landed on the moon.

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