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With the release of Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearlas well as Pokémon Legends: ArceusWe have focused heavily on the Sinnoh region in Pokemon recently. Returning to one of the most popular regions of Pokemon was shown in the games, but the anime will also join the love for Sinnoh. A new opening song and animation will be aired in some episodes, and an old rival of Ash’s will soon reappear.

Pokemon Journeys: The Seriesthe current arc in the Pokemon Anime supercharged in fanservice by bringing back old characters for cameo appearances. Dawn in particular has made several appearances in recent episodes of Pokémon Journeys, and she was one of Ash’s former companions on his journey through Sinnoh. She is one of the anime’s most popular traveling companions along with Ash, and fans enjoy her growth as a character and determination through her various competitions and Pokémon battles.

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In the reopening for Pokémon Journeys, a new version of the regular opening song “1・2・3”, featured a number of new animations, including a callback to Ash’s old signature shot, in which he raises his cap and zooms in on his right eye before throwing his poke-ball . Towards the end of the opener, Ash’s former rival from Sinnoh, Paul, makes a brief appearance. The Twitter account is dedicated solely to that Pokemon anime, also tweeted a screenshot of Paul. He also mentions that this is the first appearance of Paul, or Shinji as he’s called in Japanese, since the end of the original. Diamond & Pearl serial sheet.

The anime also seems to continue to do flashbacks to the series’ past. In the scene immediately after Paul’s appearance, Ash’s Greninja also appears as a returnee. Ash’s Greninja is one of his best Pokémon, and some fans believe that Ash’s loss in the Kalos Pokémon League finals was simply because the writers intentionally spoiled Ash’s chances of winning. Ashs Greninja lost to Alains Charizard, a loss that was everything Pokemon Players will tell you that this is extremely unlikely.

With the anime itself approaching its 25th anniversary, it seems logical to get people on board the nostalgia train. the Pokemon Anime now has well over 1000 episodes, making it one of the longest-running anime series in history, even if its various arcs/seasons don’t technically make it an ongoing anime. For many people, the first two seasons will remain a big part of their childhood because the Pokemon Cultural phenomena evolve and attract new fans.

With all this focus on Sinnoh, some fans are wondering if the Pokemon The series will explore other regions of the past perhaps in other “Pokémon Legends“Style Games”. While the focus will be on the near future Pokemon scarlet and purpleThe door remains open for the franchise to show some love for regions of the past.

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