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Participation in the Volkswagen Group’s Artemis project, which provides vehicle assembly at the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles plant in Hannover, where the automaker Porsche will pay the Volkswagen Group 100 million euros to produce electric vehicles at its own plant in Leipzig, creating an new job.

Porsche is an independent brand within the Volkswagen Group. Once again, it proved this with a future electric crossover (internal codename K1) from the Volkswagen Group’s joint Artemis project. Porsche would rather spend a fortune running its own factory than a Volkswagen factory. According to Automobilwoche, this has been verified internally; pay Volkswagen’s utility division 110 million euros to replace lost production with other models and choose its production plant and build its vehicles from start to finish, not like Volkswagen Some of the Group’s vehicles are partially manufactured. Porsche wants to maintain its quality standards and thus maintain the reputation of its models. The production of this new electric vehicle will create new jobs at the Leipzig plant.

The car will still be based on an electrical architecture jointly developed by Audi and Porsche, but will not use technology developed by Audi for the Artemis project.

Porsche is the third brand after Audi and Bentley to take part in the Artemis project, which aims to produce a large, high-performance electric SUV, as Audi aims to replace its large luxury A8 sedan and Bentley’s Mulsanne.

“Since Porsche will use different platforms to plan its models, there will be hardly any significant synergies with production at Stöcken. Setting up two new production lines with two different platforms would unnecessarily increase complexity.”, one of Porsche Holding’s A representative said in a December 2021 press release.

In the same press release, Bertina Murkovic, president of the Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge union, expressed her “Disappointed with Porsche’s rejection of the Hannover factory. » She also hinted at a deal on the matter.

The Volkswagen plant in Hannover will be the production base for Audi and Bentley models. Landjet Project (Artemis) Like a Volkswagen ID. 100% electric hum.

Photo: Porsche

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