Reading Notes – “Artémis Gone” by Céline Huet: not to be missed!

Célimène, Albius, Charles Panon-Desbassyns… who did not know these names, these faces were frozen forever by Roussin.

Célimène, we only know the lithograph of “Woman with Guitar”. Until the end of time, Albius would have this beard and sad look that belonged only to him; soon to forget that he was a naughty and curious little boy, even a slave, because our friend Harry Pitou Sings well in his bold cut.

Céline Huet reminds us that these idols are human beings, flesh-and-blood women and men like you and me. But she has her own way…

Having said that, his novels are well established in the “historical” genre, yet witty.

Its heroines and heroes are thrilled during this dark period that saw slavery and post-abolition divisions; during which many former slaves refused to commit to their former masters, while others agreed because they had to live.

We find two mentalities in the same family, a free father disappeared; the son who was looking for him also disappeared; the last son, for nothing better, set foot in the Charles Panon- in Rivière-des-Pluies- Sugar Fields in Desbassyns.

And the mother waiting for the impossible return of the one she continues to love…

The various adventures that animate our characters lead them to meet nice people, meat-loving bastards, profiteers, and some really cute “little people.” Their paths crossed those of the aforementioned celebrities, not believing in a once-and-for-all attitude, but in their daily lives, with their joys, sorrows and despair.

You can read it in one go without any hesitation. Céline Huet’s greatest gift is to have her words printed in a work for the dyslexic. I assure you, those who don’t have reading problems can go too! In fact, only by focusing on the tiny details we say to ourselves,…

Céline Huet’s bibliography is already longer than Methuselah’s beard, and its damn impressive track record is enriched with new nuggets that I’m sure many of you will admire.

“Artemis Has Disappeared” by Celine Huet
December 20th edition
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