Send your name around the moon on Artemis One

NASA’s Artemis 1 mission will go to the moon without a crew. But you can register your name to use the SLS and Orion spacecraft.

NASA plans to launch the first mission of its Artemis program in 2022, thanks to the space agency’s efforts to bring humans back to the moon. Currently, NASA is aiming for the maiden flight of its Space Launch System (SLS) launcher and Orion spacecraft at the end of March. There won’t be a crew on board, but you can also sail to the moon if you want.

How to get a lunar pass

Add your name to an upcoming mission aboard NASA’s Orion spacecraft orbiting the moon », Announce Space Agency on March 2, 2022. To do this, you must go to this page and enter your name there. It will be put into the USB key that takes the Artemis I mission with you.

Instructions are provided in English: You must enter your first and last name and a 4- to 7-digit PIN to create a “Boarding Pass”. Do not forget the password as it allows access to the boarding pass.

Immediately go to the moon. // Source: NASA screenshot

The takeoff is scheduled to take off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, but NASA did not specify an exact take-off date. The rocket is expected to fly some 450,000 kilometers on missions lasting four to six weeks. It will be used to transport Orion, giving it the necessary thrust to leave our planet’s orbit and travel to the moon. It will take several days for the spacecraft to reach the natural satellite, which will fly by at an altitude of about 100 kilometers.

By harnessing the moon’s gravity, it will be able to position itself in a retrograde orbit (opposite the direction of the moon’s rotation) about 70,000 kilometers from the moon. The ship will stay in this orbit for 6 days. Three weeks into the flight, Orion will have to land safely off the coast of California to return to Earth.

If all goes according to plan, then NASA will be able to consider sending a crew on the second flight of the SLS in the Orion cockpit. Artemis II astronauts will be taken to lunar orbit before returning to Earth. The mission is scheduled for 2024 — the first manned mission to the moon since 1972, or 50 years.

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