Shearer, Improved French Golf in the Desert, Politics

In February 1939, The Desert Sun reported that BF Shearer arrived from Seattle and went straight to the Links. It was reported that he could be seen daily with Tom O’Donnell himself at the O’Donnell Golf Course.

Benjamin Franklin Shearer deserves to have fun; He was a formidable businessman and as devoted to civic causes as his namesake. Shearer’s adoption of the desert as a second home was fortunate indeed, as his presence benefited the entire community.

Shearer’s early career as a traveling salesman taught him the individuality of West Coast cities. He developed his own highly specialized business, furnishing movie palaces with his fabulous details and adapting designs to the respective locations. (Many of the theaters he designed are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.) He outfitted theaters across the country with rows of upholstered seats, projectors, giant cinema screens, tasseled curtains, fancy wallpaper, decorative statues, and ornate columns with carved capitals , luxurious carpets and everything you need.

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