The Golf Hôtel High School takes great care of its students with disabilities

The outsourced education unit (UEE lycée) at Ugecam(1) the result of an agreement between the Golf Hotel High School, the director of the Var Academy and the management of UGECAM in 2013. This system, part of the Jean Itard medical training institute in Collobrières, supports young people in intellectual situations and with cognitive disabilities sometimes associated disorders.

The twelve young people, aged between 15 and 17, are placed in two groups depending on their needs and projects: one in the class with Julie Brever, subject teacher; the other in a workshop with Marion Pasquis, a specialist teacher in two rooms so that they can work in parallel.

Assistance in initiating or refining a professional project

The aim of the UEE is to support young people to initiate or refine a professional project by benefiting from inclusive education in general disciplines (French, Mathematics, EPS), such as Noa in EPS on Thursday afternoons, and/or in technical workshops: CAP PSR(2) or GAP tiler, mosaicist.

For Océane, it is an integration project in a mini internship at CAP PSR because she would like to work in the catering industry. Nathan wants to be a locksmith, Quentin a baker, Éléonora a landscape gardener, and Enzo might make his way to security.

With Julie they work on the basics (French, math, science, history-geography) and with Marion they learn to have as much autonomy as possible for very concrete everyday actions, such as B. have the bus ticket created on their own or decipher the campaigns in the free newspapers for shopping.

Environment and first aid were also on the agenda this year.

One of the objectives is to allow them to develop a social life with young people of their own age and to ensure that some can validate their professional skills or prepare for a CAP.

1. Ugecam: Group of health and medical-social institutions.

2. CAP PSR: CAP production and service in gastronomy.

The young people of the CAP PSR class in a cooking class with their companions and teachers Stéphanie Maleyre and Mélanie Millet. Photos AB.

Several young people with disabilities coming from this sector are doing well, such as Marine with a permanent contract at the Buffalo Grill in Gémenos, Aurélie at KFC, Anaïs in a school canteen, Benjamin in a retirement home in Besse-sur-Issole and Célia, a young carrier of trisomy, at the L’oiseau rieur restaurant in La Ciotat.

From these classes many other young people will emerge victorious who have shown them that they have their place in our society.

Mélanie Millet, who is at the origin of the UEE, is currently the coordinator of the Ulis system(1). “I opened the UEE class to two students at the beginning. They were accepted into the kitchen for a day and a half throughout the year, then into vocational training, and finally enrolled in the CAP. I wanted them to be of legal age. I adapt to the needs, skills and difficulties of each one I accompany the assessments, the internships: my door is always open to the students of the Ulis system and others too, letting in young people difficulties not to feel stigmatized”, she specifies.

She works a lot in coordination with Stéphanie Maleyre and Brigitte Hiltenbrand, the CAP PSR teachers.

In class 1time Year, eight out of ten students are disabled, five of whom rely on the Ulis system and four benefit from an AESH(2).

You follow a general education (French, history-geography, civics and moral education, mathematics, natural sciences, English and applied arts) and a professional training with five hours of theoretical classes, the preparation of the masterpiece (to be carried out over the two years of apprenticeship) and one day per week in the workshop, where they make preparations for the restaurant and take-away sales.

A skill assessment rotation

“The menu changes every week and they have to make two preparations for eight people each. They also rotate positions every week so I can gauge everyone’s skills.”, explains Stephanie Maleyre.

Last Monday, there was a Niçoise salad, baked fish, ratatouille and seasonal fruit salad, as well as takeaway lasagna and lemon mousse with red fruits. Cécile cut the bread and prepared the baskets. Alexia made the pancakes for the students: “I was in Ulis at the Marcel Rivière college. I did an internship in a primary school in Gonfaron to prepare meals. I like preparing desserts, I would like to work in a canteen. I understood that everything was done to help me to help and I’m a bit more sure”.

And Enzo, 19, concludes: “I want to be a pizza maker or work in a traditional restaurant. I was in 2 Ulis of Brignoles High School and for two years I wanted to cook. I did a fifteen-day internship in a college kitchen and I liked it. I like to prepare a paella or a risotto. My father passed on his grandmother’s recipes to me. On weekends and bank holidays I work as a clerk at the restaurant La petite Fountain in Collobrières.”.

1. ULIS: localized unit for inclusive education.

2. AESH: Accompanying students with disabilities.

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