The producer announces a new anime release in 2022

In addition to the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film, there could be other Dragon Ball anime this year.

Akio Iyoku, producer of the Dragon Ball anime and editor of the manga V-Jump, hinted at the future of the series in a new video posted on the official Dragon Ball website. After briefing fans on the development of Dragon Ball video games and the Dragon Ball Super manga, Iyoku spoke about the production of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Iyoku’s post was cut and subtitled by Twitter user @DBSCronicles. He reminds viewers of the film’s Japanese release date of April 22nd and says that series creator Akira Toriyama is happy with the new style of animation. He finished his post with further announcements for the future: “There is also the possibility that something other than the film will be released this year,” said Iyoku.

Speculation has already begun about what Iyoku’s closing statement might mean. Most fans seem to be hoping this could mark the return of the animated series Dragon Ball Super, which ended its original series in March 2018. Since the anime closed, the manga has released the Prisoners of the Galactic Patrol saga of the current Granolah the Survivor saga, which has not yet received an animated adaptation. It’s possible that Iyoku is suggesting a more humble release, such as an OVA (original video animation) or some kind of TV special.

The full video on the Dragon Ball official website also included updates on other branches of the franchise. Additional DLCs and updates have been announced for the video games Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Manga still has a “massive twist” in store for Goku and his friends.

More details on this mysterious re-release will likely not be revealed until the Japanese premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. A new trailer for the highly anticipated film aired during this year’s Jump Festa. The trailer focused on Gohan, who will again be wearing the classic Piccolo-inspired purple gi and white cape he wore during the Saiyan and Android sagas in the anime Dragon Ball Z. The international release of the film has yet to be announced, but Iyoku made a promise at Virtual Comic-Con last summer that he had worked hard to keep the gap between the movie’s Japanese premiere and its international release as short as possible .

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