The real space occupancy will come from the Artemis agreement in the US

“Billionaires have fun…but the world is changing! Proposals for short-term spaceflight are expensive. Given the laws of physics, they are very energy-intensive, and there are few ways to reduce this ecological footprint. However, we must not Misunderstanding, this is not an encroachment of space, but a private company crossing the “common interest of mankind” – outer space. It is not fundamentally different from crossing international waters on a private yacht. This can be considered excessive and unnecessary, but it is There is no question about the status of this space, which is governed by the United Nations Space Treaty adopted in 1967. By using this space to provide a unique feeling to a very privileged public, there is no denying that there are no fundamental changes in international relations. It’s spectacular to try close together, as they’re no longer the jobs of garage handymen, but the jobs of billionaires eager to make new attractions compelling. There’s nothing like taking a cruise to the North Pole in space with these capsules or A few minutes in a rocket plane is more valuable. It’s a new step in expanding the parabolic flight offered by several companies like Novespace. Space tourism has been around since 2001, when Dennis Tito flew in a Soyuz capsule and on the International Space Station.

The real possession of space will come from the Artemis agreement with the moon. The U.S. has the U.S. secretly sign these agreements bilaterally. Contradicting the 1967 treaties, regardless of what their promoters said, they provided for the ability to delineate an indeterminate region on the moon for use only by entities (states or private companies). This exclusivity is not tied to a specific activity, and this exclusivity is not time-bound. Of course, the activities carried out in this exclusive area are not under any control other than the promoter himself. This activity is even less regulated than any activity on our planet. Powers such as Japan or the United Kingdom have already signed these agreements. European countries like Italy or Luxembourg did the same without any European consultations…

There, the germs of the privatization of celestial bodies were discovered, allowing the uncontrolled exploitation of their possibly hidden wealth, possibly fanciful. Over the next few decades, only the United States and China will be able to explore these institutions and develop these hypothetical resources. The Space Treaty guaranteed more than 50 years of demilitarization and conflict-free space. These agreements, which have not yet been signed by France and Germany, are a prelude to future space conflicts. »

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