The Sandbox partners with World of Women, committing $25 million to support women in the Metaverse

A foundation to help women in the Metaverse

The sandbox and World of Women (WoW) join forces to create a foundation dedicated to increasing women’s representation in the Metaverse.

Through a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), WoW is a community that represents Inclusion and equal opportunities for all. As part of its founding, The Sandbox will provide a grant of $25 million over 5 years.

“This partnership underscores our long-term intention to invest in creating a diverse and inclusive space for women to thrive in Web3 within our metaverse. By facilitating the training and funding of women’s projects, we hope these programs will help nurture a generation of influential female builders in the field,” added Sébastien Borget, co-founder of The Sandbox.

As a continuation of this partnership, the WoW Foundation Create 3D avatars based on the 10,000 profile photos from World of Women’s NFTs.

In addition to these creations, the foundation intends to create a museum as well as a university in the universe of The Sandbox. The aim is to offer courses on the web 3 and to communicate them in order to make women’s concerns visible.

We look forward to working with The Sandbox, who share our strong belief in the importance of investing in and empowering women’s voices,” said a World of Women representative.

The craze for the Metaverse and The Sandbox

For some time, The sandbox gets a lot of attention. In fact, the Metaverse sector attracts many brands, and the latter want to acquire land to be the first to attract a new type of consumer.

In this regard, the company has forged leading partnerships with Adidas, Carrefour, Ubisoft and Gucci.

Thanks to this notoriety, The Sandbox almost soared $93 million to accelerate its development and its number of monthly active users.

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Source and image: The Sandbox Blog

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