These animals inspired the creation of superhero characters

Batman, the Batman

Bruce Wayne, an orphan and billionaire in love with justice, decides to put on Batman’s costume to fight against the evil forces that are haunting the city of Gotham. No spider bites or failed scientific experiments, unlike many other superheroes, Batman is just a mortal. The Batman is the Batman, a nocturnal creature that is as frightening as it is fascinating. At dusk it hunts criminals and spreads its wings over the sleeping city. And like the bat, it even hangs upside down…

Spider-Man, the power of the spider

Peter Parker, an unpopular but brilliant high school student, is bitten by a radioactive spider while participating in a science experiment. The bespectacled teenager will see his body (and life!) transformed. This bite gives him superhuman powers inspired by spiders: he can weave a web, climb walls, jump several meters. Agile and strong, his five senses are heightened as well

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Ant-man, as small as an ant

Ant-man, a character from the Marvel Comics, can grow as small as an ant. Above all, his helmet allows him to communicate with other insects, which are his main weapons. Because unlike Spider-Man, Ant-Man does not have superhuman powers or extraordinary powers. But isn’t it already a superpower to carry 60 times your own weight?

cat woman

Catwoman, real name Selina Kyle, is a character from the Batman Universe. High-flying thief, agile, smart and seductive, Catwoman filters with the boundaries of legality. If her tight black costume is obviously that of a cat, the superheroine has other feline-inspired assets: she always lands on her feet, can make impressive leaps, but her fierce desire for independence wears her down at times.

Black Widow inspired by the black widow

Black Widow means “black widow” in French. This spider is one of the most dangerous in the world and its venom can be deadly to humans if left untreated. Latrodectus mactans also has the habit of attacking and devouring the males of its kind. The superheroine that bears her name, created by Stan Lee, is first Iron Man’s enemy before siding with good. She has some frightening talents inspired by her spider counterpart: a spike that delivers electric shocks, but also glue capsules scattered around her costume for scaling walls and ceilings.

Black Panther

Created by Stan Lee and designer Jack Kirby, the Black Panther character was born in 1966. History’s first black superhero hails from a fictional African country, Wakanda. His costume is that of a panther, of which he possesses some of the many quirks: agility, strength, keen senses. The black panther is not a separate species but a leopard with melanism. If we closely observe his fur, we will see that it is not uniform, but rather speckled.

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The wolverine is a carnivorous wolverine or wolverine mammal found primarily in Russia, Scandinavia, and Canada. Logan alias Wolverine, the mutant with the claws made of adamantium, comes from Canada of all places. Logan is violent and short-tempered and has more than one thing in common with the wolverine, an animal known for its aggressiveness and dangerousness.

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