This flagship product for taking your pet with you when you travel is going to be a real hit this year!

When traveling with your pet, you need to have the necessary equipment. Lidl offers you the solution to all your worries.

The German brand has become indispensable for good shopping. It is characterized by new offers every week and this in order to satisfy its customers.

Shortly before the holidays, the Lidl discounter offers you a product that will definitely be useful to you. Discover the ultra-safe animal cage that he offers you.

A travel cage for animals

Pets are full family members. That’s why Lidl offers you this absolutely reassuring carrier to take your pet with you wherever you go. This box has notches on the lid to tie the box with the belt safety in the car. Its compact and stable structure ensures comfort for your pet.

If you’re having trouble putting your little furball in a cage, Lidl’s offer is made for you. In fact, the Upper grille can be opened and simplifies operation considerably. The mesh door facilitates the passage so that the animal can get out more easily. This cage comes with a bowl that can be attached to the door.

This cage offered by Lidl is ideal for keeping your cat or dog clean removable. Therefore, it’s easy to clean and, as a bonus, doesn’t take up too much storage space. When transporting, this cage has a super convenient handle, whether for children or adults. In addition, plastic rings are incorporated to attach it to a shoulder strap.

In the car you can now drive with peace of mind, without having to worry about whether your pet has the comfort it deserves. In fact, this cage has non-slip feet, for maximum stability. Its classic design also makes it stand out and it is at Lidl that you can get it. The side ventilation slits also ensure that the animal feels comfortable in it.

Lidl offers an unbeatable price

Well known in the market, Lidl always offers products at a reduced price. In fact, this cat transport cage is sold at Price of 19.99 euros only. This price defies any competition in the current market. It should not be forgotten that the familiarity of the German brand gives all providers certain advantages.

It is clear that this store keeps up to date with the needs of all households in real time. This product is already sold out on the Lidl website. If you want a model, all you have to do is go to the store to shop. Obviously the Stocks are very limited In addition, and with the price displayed, only the fastest can benefit from it. So don’t wait any longer!

When you have children, it’s always a problem to know who hasn’t taken care of their pet’s accessories. It goes without saying that Lidl offers you three colours for the same cage model. The cage is available in red, blue or black. So you can buy two or three and still at the same bargain price. It can also come in handy if you have multiple pets.

If your pet is a bit plump, this box is ideal to give them the comfort they need. Its width offers the animal incomparable security. Its dense and waterproof structure combines effectively with the weight it can support. This is exactly what this pet travel cage sold at Lidl can withstand up to 12 kg.

Other items for your pet’s comfort

You can also find various items that can make your pet’s life more comfortable. For example, Peel for cats or dogs are offered by Lidl at very reasonable prices. These products are just as reliable as the transport cage mentioned earlier.

Special treatment is reserved for dogs. With the holidays approaching, remember to secure your dog while traveling. In this sense, Lidl offers you Car protection for dogs. Also, get him a car blanket that doubles as a cooling mat.

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