To go to the moon, astronauts will train underwater

NASA is preparing its basin as part of the Artemis mission. The goal is to simulate astronaut training in extremely low-light conditions at the lunar south pole.

Astronauts will train underwater before landing on the moon – Credit: NASA

Astronauts will walk on the moon again in 2025 as part of the Artemis III mission. Before they can survey our moons and follow in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong, they obviously have to undergo complex training. This will include learning to adapt to particularly low light conditions. “At the south pole of the moon, the sun doesn’t stay more than a few degrees above the horizon, creating extremely long, dark shadows”NASA said.

To this end, divers in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory have started preparing for formations that will take place at a depth of 12 meters. The tests included turning off all lights in the installation and also installing black curtains on the walls of the pool. A way to reduce glare.A sort of “Powerful Underwater Movie Lights” Also mobilized to get as close as possible to the bright light of the moon’s south pole. You can observe these strange preparations in the photo above.

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Before landing on the moon, astronauts will undergo underwater training

Once the test is complete, the astronauts can begin water training. In addition to familiarizing themselves with lighting conditions, they will learn various tasks, such as collecting samples of lunar regolith using different tools. Note that the space agency has long used basins to prepare astronauts to evolve in environments with significantly reduced gravity.

NASA is particularly interested in the lunar south pole because it contains water ice that may be billions of years old. This is a resource that should play an important role in future manned deep space exploration missions. Among other preparations, NASA has tested suits that could walk on the moon again.

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