Toulouse. Haute-Garonne: Atomic Sanctuary at Home… It’s Possibly!

A young professional company sells custom fallout shelters to be installed in private homes. The market is active. Including Haute-Garonne.

By looking at Haute-Garonne’s real estate sale advertisements on reputable websites, you may come across an explosive offer: “20 m², 4 beds, fully equipped luxury radiation shelter. Priced at 700,000 euros”. Prosperity, where you are thrust into the middle of the cold war…or, into the middle of the covid pandemic?

Paris-area-based Artemis has been selling luxury military bunkers made of steel since last August, complete with armored doors, air filtration, double filtration, internet connectivity, TVs and more. Clients are, of course, but the most important thing is “anxiety”. Mathieu Séranne, Director of Artemis France, emphasizes: “We respond to people who are very worried, whether because of fears of burglary, attacks, nuclear war, chemical accidents … covid-19 has also caused fear in some people”.

Artémis explores in France (and of course abroad: Israel, Qatar, Eastern Europe, etc.) through its network of business partners and real estate agents. As for knowing if Occitanie and Haute-Garonne have owners of fallout shelters, alas, that’s top secret! Mathieu Séranne will carefully explain to you that his company “intervenes with us” because “in the Paca region there is a Russian-speaking population whose defense culture is very different from ours.” On the southern edge, the Grand Est Our clients are very wealthy, our neighbors are in Luxembourg and Switzerland. Recall, “Until 2012, a law made it mandatory for Swiss to have an anti-atomic shelter in their home. Since then, it’s no longer mandatory for individuals, but historically the country has instituted very high nuclear protection rate.”

“In France, Mathieu Séranne continued, without any expectations, we are at a 0% nuclear protection level, and we are the second country after the United States in terms of the nuclear power plant network.

Today, “It’s not about selling fear, instead, we’re selling preparation. We have a lot of requests related to fears of human failure or natural disasters. We have owners building shelters because of concerns about global warming…”

Because these fallout shelters are installed in 4-meter-deep gardens (hey, like swimming pools!) or under existing buildings, the size of a metal shipping container. They are easy to transport and bury. The spiral staircase behind the armored door will take you to this little steel nest, super comfortable, turnkey, food for 4 people for 3 months…survival kit, comfort as a bonus. Ah, that’s for sure, you won’t get a view of the Pyrenees. Come on, everyone to the shelter?

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