Ultraman Season 2 – Review

The 2019 ultraman Anime is a fun thing because it’s an Easter egg-laden labor of love that’s clearly done with respect for the legendary ultraman franchise… which also starts a lot classic elements that have made the series so popular in the first place over the years. Bright-eyed Saturday morning exploits have been replaced by attempts at edgy, “grounded” storytelling, and with very mixed results. Instead of the traditional (and fabulous) live action tokusatsu effects, our Ultra The heroes ran around, swearing and mauling their enemies in low-quality CG animations. Worse still, there wasn’t a single enlargement in the entire series. Now, admittedly, I’m still a ultraman Newbie – just starting to work my way through the last few Scream! investment/Mill Creek Blu-Rays of the early seasons, but I don’t think I’m crazy for suggesting that: a ultraman Property should make her boys all grow up and fight burly monsters at least once, right?

That is, if you were ready to roll with an anime that is a very loose adjustment of ultraman Myth – to the point where it feels more like tinted sci-fi at times Garo than anything else – I think the Netflix ultraman made for a tolerable first season…on paper. Honestly, all the seriousness of the self and inconsistent writing would have been a lot easier to swallow if the animation wasn’t so painful to watch. Lifeless mannequin figures and cheap backgrounds were bad enough, but then Production GI and Sola Digital Arts had to spoil it even more with the sickening framerate drops. Even though I didn’t really care ultraman Too awful as a story, it wasn’t fun at all search. Not a good problem for a cartoon.

Turn in Season 2 ultraman, three years later. I’m using quotation marks here because the show continues the very boring trend of in six meager episodes Netflix cutting a traditional episode order right down the middle and calling both parts “seasons,” as if we didn’t all still feel cheated at having to wait twice as long for half the material. The biggest problem this whole season is certainly the rapid pace; This is one of those instances where you could literally miss important plot points if you sneeze at the wrong time.

Somewhat ironically, the drastically reduced number of episodes has also resulted in a season that’s an improvement over the first in almost every way, at least when it comes to the fun factor. There’s not an ounce of fat on this thing that you couldn’t tell ultraman Season 1, and that means the show has to double down on lively banter and action scenes to keep the plot moving. When you combine the lighthearted pace with the extra-campy alien invasion plot, you get an anime that feels a lot more in the spirit of the original. ultraman. Heck, one of the few “tragic” deaths we get is undermined by who I am pretty sure is a gag that frames the whole scene like a silly joke. It’s purely a Saturday morning cartoon, and while it’s only a few hours long, it’s a very fun few hours indeed.

It helps that the entire season essentially acts as an origin story for Kotaro Higashi, aka Ultraman Taro, which offers a much better character perspective than Shinjiro ever was. Sure, his “enthusiastic journalist with a heart of gold” shtick is straight out of ’60s American comics, but it’s the kind of kitsch taste that it is Netflixit is ultraman I think I need more. Roger CraigSmith also does an admirable job of selling the character in the English dub. Josh Hutcherson did his best as Shinjiro, to be fair, but his performance seems a bit far removed from his co-stars’ more classic “anime dub”-style voices. Smith, on the other hand, fits right in, and Kotaro’s more traditional portrayal makes it easy to follow the character’s willingness to plunge headfirst into incredibly dangerous situations.

Speaking of dangerous situations, another area where this second season excels is in its action sequences. Although the series’ 3D animation can still look very plasticky and fake, especially when the characters aren’t wearing cool metal masks that hide their weird puppet faces, the choreography is still just as good and Taro’s flame powers bring some interesting mechanics to the table fight scene. More importantly, they’ve finally stopped messing around with framerate. It’s hard to overstate how much this simple tweak improves the overall viewing experience.

Apparently, ultraman Season 2 is far from perfect, and some of the choices she makes may very well alienate season 1 fans (haha). The overall plot feels more like a Season 3 prequel than its own full story, and the focus on Kotaro means the rest of the Ultramen, including our future protagonist Shinjiro, are sidelined most of the time. It’s far from being a great anime, but I’d say it’s a lot more entertaining anime than its predecessor. For that reason alone, I would say that this next chapter is the ultraman the story is worth seeing.

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