Unheard of, this new open world game lets you travel around the planet

open world game It has been on an upward trend since its creation, so much so that creators often try to update the genre with new elements. today, We show you the new open world game Who is talking about him all over the social network.

A new game that promises intimidating

Artemis” is the name of the future game It’s probably worth remembering because it’s an Earth-sized open-world game created by PUBG. Artemis Still in development, but already making a big splash, and for good reason. This game is named after the wild goddess hunting and childbirth, and is indeed a very ambitious new project Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Green. The latter announced last week that he would be leaving Crafton, PUBG ownercreating a new indie studio, it seemsArtemis Will be the main focus of developers going forward.

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Green.

last week, Green on Twitter preludean upcoming paid tech demo that will explore developers’ fascination with sandbox games and the freedom they offer players. prelude will be a massive open world experience, But Green confirmed that the game was nothing more than a “simple” introduction Artemis.


September 3, 2021

In an interview with VentureBeat colleagues, Green explainedArtemis will happen in “Earth-sized virtual world” Built using machine learning techniques.Compared to other open world games, the game seems to rely much less on repetitive side quests and waypoints, and instead aims to provide Emergency unscripted game.

Why would you create a game like Artemis?

Green recently explained that his desire to create Artemis :

this desire to have digital life Powerful in many players.Give this space a big enough world (…) I want a space you won’t find Player base for miles around. When you do, it’s a big colony, not a box. (…) We want to give people A new place to stay as this has some issues.

Green also mentioned The concept of a world that reacts correctly to what the player is doing in it. For example, he suggested that killing all bears in an area could cause deer populations to explode.it seems Ambitious. Artemis So, according to its creators, it has to be a journey into the type of gaming experience that people have dreamed of for decades but never had before: a huge and deep world It does not exist as a single experience, but as “A place where anything can happen”.

Is this game really playable?

Achieve from A to Z games like this Artemis It will take time and it is a very specific technology. VentureBeat asked about this, Green is very confident. He explained that he would have to hire more people in the future to get a team of 50 people involved in the project. He added:

We don’t think a big team is needed because The technology we are creating.

as you can see, Green seems particularly sure of himself and the technology it is developing right now. We’ll definitely have to wait a few years to see if he keeps betting.Currently, of course, we do not have No image ArtemisBut on the other hand we have prelude. Wait to know more Artemisthese pictures prelude can give us taste what we might expect :

And you, on your side, do conceptArtemis you say? We let you answer this question through our survey, And through our comment section! If you like open world games, don’t hesitate to read all the latest information about the game Pokemon Arceus, next pokemon gamewhich will also be in an open world.

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