We will walk on the moon again

Yesterday, the Space Launch System returned to the launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center for a new test and to fill the reactor 10 seconds before ignition and launch. Overall testing was successful, albeit with small leak issues. Fifty years after the last Apollo mission in 1972, that brings us a little closer to returning humans to the moon. This program is the Artemis program, and despite delays, technical glitches and hesitations, if in a few years he will have a permanent presence on the lunar surface, the goal of his mission is not only…but most importantly, within sight : Destination Mars!

Artemis: We’re walking on the moon again. Here’s our space program for the next hour…welcome to the scientific method.

To elaborate on this Artemis mission, how it is organized, how it differs from Apollo, and how it prepares to send humans to Mars in the long run, we are delighted to receive Lionel Suchet, CNES Deputy Director General and Jean Blovac Responsible for CNES exploration and manned flight programs.

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Francis RocarAstrophysicist and CNES Solar System Exploration Program Leader explains NASA’s Artemis Phase III strategy: The moon on this mission appears to be more of a stopover, by establishing an orbiting station to reach Mars. A gas station that produces fuel, refuels, and goes to Mars. NASA is particularly interested in the Antarctic Nobile, which contains water ice, sediments that could be used to make the fuel. To do so, NASA’s Viper rover will have to quantify this water and indicate strategies to take accordingly. Relax by Celine.


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