What is your (and your child’s) totem animal?

What is a totem animal?

“Spiritual healers have known for centuries that energy is a constant exchange between all life forms. When we use the term “spirit” to refer to power animals, we understand that life energy transcends the physical form and exists on an invisible one.” : These are the words that we can discover in the introduction of the book Your Soul Beast (Eyrolles Editions)written by Dina Saalisi, holistic healer. In her book, she, who is also a health and well-being coach, certified hypnotherapist, educator and energy specialist, conjures up everything that can bring us to connect with our totem animal.

That totem animals Where spirit animals are animals with which we feel very connected and which can influence us throughout our lives: “All life energies are connected. As humans, we perceive this connection intellectually. Knowing that everything is made up of molecules and atoms, we can collect and process information about our physical energy. We can also expand this awareness to include our life force energy or “spirit.” This component represents who we are inside, deep within our being. From this inner depth we connect to the subtle energy that surrounds us in nature and use them to support us,” she describes.

The place of animals in different cultures

At first glance, this may seem elusive and far removed from our worries as parents. However, it is true that all cultures have used animals to symbolize protectors and guides. That deities of ancient Egypt were depicted with an animal head associated with the powers the latter was believed to possess. Hindu mythology regards animal deities as sacred, along with the teachings they are said to impart. the Buddhism has always adhered to the following idea: all creatures are sentient beings; Endowed with a soul, they are meant to be treated with devotion and respect. Celtic traditions also recognize a strong connection to our four-legged companions and honor the protection they offer. Indigenous peoples around the world believed that animals, appearing in dreams or summoned by healers, symbolized deeper meanings and conveyed wisdom to the individual to whom they became visible.

In addition, ancient arts such as qigongthe Tai-chi and the yoga imitate all animal movements. How many expressions are there today to qualify a human being that refer to a quality associated with an animal? Smart as a fox, a real bear, smart as a lynx… And then our children’s toys often take on the appearance of our animal friends. In short, animals are all around us.

What can you use your power animal for?

It is now important to understand what this identification and recognition amounts to a totem animal may be interested in the daily lives of overworked parents. In which Native American culture, the role of the power animal is to guide and inspire you. These animals can thus take on different roles:

  • power animals make their presence known throughout our lives or for many years. They reflect who we are. We share habits and characteristics with them. When we recognize them, we can better embrace our true nature.
  • The Gardians provide protection in times of crisis. They appear next to us during short stays in places where we feel vulnerable. We call upon them when courage is required.
  • teacher allow us to better understand deeper parts of ourselves. They usually appear when we need the insight of an experienced guide.
  • messengers appear fleeting and usually unexpected. They connect us to deeper meanings through signs, symbols and omens related to current challenges in our lives. They help us observe our relationship with the world around us.

Successful communication with power animals would allow us to embrace the positive influences they offer. The goal: to find more resources within yourself to cope with small and big problems, joys and worries. The possibilities for union with animal energy are endless. Sometimes just finding a feather on a beach or noticing paw prints on a hiking trail is enough for us to hear what needs to be heard. This can give you keys to addressing issues with your children. Also, recognizing your child’s animal connections can help you understand them better and therefore adjust some of your decisions based on who they are.

what is your totem animal

We don’t have ONE totem animal. Throughout our lives we may encounter multiple power animals appearing in different forms of energy at different times. Each time a leader appears to us, at that very moment we can reflect on its specific role to see the particular functions it performs.. Yes, but the question remains: how do I recognize your power animal? What should you call him? How do you interpret its messages and how can you use its power to improve your daily life?

There are several common manifestations of power animals. As said, it’s up to everyone to see a sign. If you’ve always felt a deep connection with cats (it’s a very common totem animal), then you might need to listen to the moments when it comes into your life. There are also practices of conscious visualization Summon allied animals at will, to discover in our healer’s book. They can be used to contact your companions when you wish to connect with them to complete a specific challenge, protect yourself from a specific fear, or receive ongoing spiritual support. Finally, listening to your dreams is also very enlightening.

The symbolism behind your totem animal

Here are some examples of common totem animals. Do you recognize yourself in this?

The horse is one of the pets with which man has one of the deepest bonds. As a robust being, he leads us to our spirit of adventure. Its energy can be observed in naturally gifted athletes or anyone who uses its strength as an advantage in physical exertion. These are, for example, the stars of the soccer team, award-winning gymnasts or persistent swimmers.

If he is a spirit animal to you, it means you probably have an adventurous soul, love to travel and explore.
As sentinels, horses rely on physical stamina to weather the storms or lead you to escape to a new place to be discovered.
As a lesson, horses remind you to embrace your bold spirit, don’t apologize for it.
Finally, when horses show up for a message, they try to point out to you that in order to inspire trust in those around you, you may need to stop running away.

Clever, adaptable, this animal has managed to become one of the most widespread wild carnivores in the world. Those who identify with him as a spirit animal are emotionally sensitive. When they are free to express this sensitivity, they can find a deep connection in their relationships. Foxes are excellent mothers, devoted to their cubs for the first two months of life. At the same time, they are independent, as they spend almost half the year alone. Those who have the fox as their soul animal appreciate deep commitments balanced by long periods of solitude.

If he is a power animal to you, that means you are psychic. You are naturally shy and born to solve problems.
As guardians, foxes call for caution and meddle to create one sense of security.
As a lesson, foxes teach us that vulnerability becomes true strength.
Finally, Foxes are sending you a message to trust your intuitive conscience.

The cat has been one of the most widespread power animals since the beginning of mankind. A loner who prefers the night, the cat is elusive and generally cautious before trusting new partners. Anyone who has ever connected with him knows the special selection process for this delicate being.

If he is a power animal for you, it means that you are good at focusing on your goals and trust your intuition.
As guardians, cats call you to introspection. You have many abilities to question yourself and connect to your inner sanctum.
As a lesson, cats ask you to balance the time you spend alone with the time you spend with those around you.
Finally, cats send you a message to trust your intuitive conscience.

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