what makes you angry The animal you see first on this map will tell you

Our behavior, our feelings and our thoughts make our personality unique. It is believed that these traits remain fairly constant throughout our lives. When it comes to anger, we also have a unique trigger that is responsible for the manifestation of anger, and this test might help you figure that out.

In fact, the image that you will observe below can say a lot about your personality and therefore teach you a lot about it. Do you think you know everything about yourself? So, you might be surprised what the experiences presented in this article can bring you. And for good reason, it’s a new way to see your character through the animal your eyes first notice. The planisphere shared in this article hides no fewer than 11 animals and these correspond to different personality traits.

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Here’s what you see:

1. When you see a bear

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You are a caring, complex and authentic person. Even if you put your family and friends first, don’t let anyone push you around. Being pure in heart, you can’t stand people who are manipulative, wrong, or stabbing in the back, which means your anger is triggered by narcissistic people.

2. When you see a fish

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You are one of those people who use imagination, intelligence and common sense to make decisions and solve problems. You can’t stand sarcastic people who don’t want to help, who argue, and who make fun of others. Your anger triggers are stupid people.

3. When you see a kangaroo

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You can easily be described as an altruistic person with a pure heart. Whatever ups and downs you’ve experienced in life, you don’t let your past get you down. You like to be in a group of people who are down to earth and loyal to you. Fake friends and liars just have no place in your life and that is why betrayal is what fuels your anger.

4. When you see a lion

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You are heroic and brave at heart and don’t like giving up the things you love or your goals. You have great confidence and a good heart. So what can trigger your anger is giving up.

5. When you see a dolphin

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You are a person who relies on imagination and creativity and you only look for originality. What you hate the most is people who morph simply to blend in with a crowd or even to please others by doing them a favor. So your anger triggers are people who are not authentic or original.

6. When you see a fox

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You can easily learn new things from people, whether they are a CEO or a janitor. However, you can’t stand people who bully you, even if it’s your parents. You always put logic before anything else. However, their anger can easily be triggered by overly controlling people.

7. When you see a cat

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Although some people think you’re just shy, you’re actually not a great talker. You don’t want to draw the attention of others, you prefer to live your life your own way without worrying about what others might think. Because of this, your anger can be triggered by people who talk too much.

8. When you see an eagle

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You aim high in life, even if you have to do it alone. You don’t leave things to chance, but you tend to be focused and precise in your approach. You don’t have time for drama or trifles in your life and you want others to think the way you do. Therefore, your anger trigger is drama and when someone is trying to build a mountain of molehills.

9. When you see an elephant

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Even if you look intimidating, you are exactly the opposite: friendly, loving and trustworthy. You have a stable personality and are confident. What triggers your anger is mean behavior, and mean people are not easily forgiven.

10. When you see a rabbit

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With your creative, enthusiastic and energetic soul, you tend to laugh and spread joy around you. That’s why you don’t like people who bring sadness or other negativity into your life. Your anger triggers are negative people.

11. When you see a giraffe

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You are a nice person and expect the same from others. You avoid people who don’t respect your life and time. Also, you can’t stand people who seek out other people’s weaknesses and use them to their advantage by turning their insecurities against them. This is why manipulative people trigger your anger.

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