Which anime should you watch on Crunchyroll, DNA, Netflix and in theaters this spring?

This new season marks a turning point with the merger between the Wakanim and Crunchyroll platforms. The transfer of the catalog from the first to the second is underway, which is becoming the most important service in the anime streaming market.

Anime is coming to Crunchyroll


This is the most anticipated title of this season: the adaptation of the manga of the same name by Tatsuya Endô, available in France from Kurokawa. SPY x FAMILY is one of the most popular manga on Shônen Jump+ platform and has been in the top 10 sales for the last 2 years. Twilight is Westalis’ top spy on a mission to infiltrate an elite private school in order to get hold of a politician. To do this, he has to pretend to be his father. He then adopts an orphan, Anya, and meets Yor, a humble civil servant looking for a husband. What he doesn’t know yet is that Anya is a telepath and Yor is a ruthless killer… The anime is being produced by CloverWorks (The Promised Neverland) and WitStudio (Vinland saga) for 25 episodes.

The Rise of the Shield Hero (Season 2)

It is difficult to sort through the many Isekai series each year. Luckily, some stand out Me when I was reincarnated as a slime, overlord (soon to be season 4) and that The Rise of the Shield Hero. We find Naofumi, the hero with the shield, who will have come a long way in this kingdom since he was summoned. Despite the many betrayals, he continues his ascent. The story picks up the 12th volume of the manga (published by Doki-Doki) ​​for the Spirit Turtle arc. The series is still animated by Studio Kinema Citrus (Crafted in the Abyss) for 13 episodes. A third season is already being planned. Note that season one was released this week on DVD and Blu-ray by Kazé.

Ao Aschi

World Cup requires, 2022 will be the year of football with no less than three planned manga adaptations. The first thing that comes to us is Ao Aschi, taken from the work of Yûgo Kobayashi, which comprises 27 volumes as of 2015. For France, the 9th volume will be published by Mangetsu next week. Ahito Aoi is the best soccer player in the local club. During a game, he is spotted by a coach from a Tokyo club. His goal: to build the best team in the world. The series is produced by Production IG. The studio is focused on adaptations of Sport-Shônen (Ace of Diamonds, Haikyu!!, run with the wind…), we can trust them to some extent.

Skeleton Knights in another world

Those who followed anime news back in the early 2000s have all heard of Gonzo studio. Of Last Exilepass Gantz From where basilisk, he was behind a number of quality series during this period. The studio then went through a very bad period before closing up shop to be reborn in 2019 with Studio KAI. Skeleton Knights in another world is one of their first productions. In this umpteenth Isekai, the hero awakens in the skin of his current hero: a skeleton knight. He chooses to hide his fearsome appearance with full armor. The series will run for 12 episodes. The manga is available in France at Meian for those who prefer the paper format.

Other titles available: Tomodachi gamemanga adaptation Games for friends (published by Soleil Manga), Estab-Life: Great Escapenew series by Goro Taniguchi (Code Geass) for polygon images (ayin) as well as the new seasons of descent of a bookworm, Date A Live and Kaguya-sama: Love is war.

Must-watch anime on Anime Digital Network (DNA)

The platform continues to play at two tables: current titles and older ones. Among the novelties we have the choice between the third season of heroes of the galaxy and the fourth of kingdom.

After Wakanim, Crunchyroll and Netflix, it’s ADN’s turn to offer Demon Hunter (first season only). But the big exclusive of the moment is the arrival of the original series Holy Seiyabetter known than that Knights of the Zodiac. This is the first time the cult anime will be aired on a SVOD platform. With that he agrees Lost canvas and Santia Scho in the catalog (soon omega ?). The first 73 episodes are already available, with the rest (the Asgard and Poseidon arcs) coming next week.

Also this month, ADN features two essential masterpieces of Japanese animation: Paranoia Agent by Satoshi Kon and the film Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo.

New anime on Netflix

Tiger & Rabbit (Season 2)

We’ve waited more than 10 years for the continuation of Keiichi Satô’s excellent series. The director of Anger of Bahamut and Inuyashiki however, does not return, giving way to veteran Mitsuko Kase for this second season. The story still follows superheroes Kotetsu, aka Wild Tiger, and his sidekick Barnaby Brooks Jr. as they battle the Ourouboros organization. The first 13 episodes are available and a second part with 12 additional episodes will be broadcast later. Finally, alongside this new season, you can also discover the two new feature films released in 2012 and 2014. The beginningPicks up the plot from the beginning of the series and The rise that falls between the two seasons.

Thermae Romae Novae

This famous manga by Mari Yamazaki was already adapted into anime in 2012 (only 3 episodes) and more importantly into two live movies in 2012 and 2014. Netflix therefore offers us a new, more extensive adaptation (11 episodes) curated by the mangaka himself. The story takes place in ancient Rome and we follow Lucius Modestus, an architect in need of inspiration. One day he gets sucked underwater while bathing in the hot springs and finds himself transported to modern Japan. Then he discovers new processes and objects, which he puts into practice after his return. A series that makes you want a hot bath at the end of each episode.

vampire in the garden

On May 16th you can discover this new original production of Wit Studio (Ranking of Kings) in which Tetsuya Nishio, character designer of the series, participates Naruto. The story revolves around Momo, a young girl, and Fine, a vampire. Together they search for a place where humans and vampires can live in harmony…

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 (Season 2)

We no longer stop the tandem of Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki. According to Blade Runner: Black Lotus Late last year season 2 of ultraman available since mid-April, here are the rest Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 scheduled for May 23 Unfortunately, productivity doesn’t rhyme with quality. The first season was well below the series Stand alone complex aired 20 years ago. franchise GITS no longer vibrates as much as before… Note that Netflix will put the film online on May 9th Sustainable War, Compiling the first season. This will be an opportunity to catch up or give him a second chance SAC_2045.

Of course we don’t forget bladderavailable since 28. You can always find our review of bladder here.

What anime to see in the cinema?

The Deer King

The month of May will be quite generous in terms of Japanese animation films in theaters. Start with The Deer King, released opposite the new Marvel. The feature film is a fantasy story and revolves around Van, a fallen warrior, and Yuna, a young girl. Both are survivors of a massacre committed by rabid wolves carrying a mysterious plague. The Empire discovers this and enlists Hohsalle, a medical prodigy, to track them down to find a cure… The film is directed by Masahi Ando (chara designer on Enchanted and Your name) and Masayuki Miyaji (Xam’d: Lost Memories) for production IG (ghost in the shell).


The oddity of the month is undeniable junkie, animated film shot in stop motion for 7 years and mostly alone by Takahide Hori. Humanity has managed to achieve near immortality. But due to genetic manipulation, it has lost the ability to reproduce and is inexorably declining. On a mission to unravel the mysteries of reproduction, Parton is sent to the underground city where mutant clones live, ready to rebel against their creators… The film will be released on May 18th.

Free! The bottom line

As part of the “Ciné Matsuri”, Kinepolis and AllTheAnime are offering 3 animated feature films for special screenings over the next few months. Beginning on May 12th and 13th with the first part of the two-part finale of the saga Free! from Kyoto Animation (3 seasons available on Crunchyroll) where our heroes compete against the best swimmers in the world.

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